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i feel sorry for the kids who didn’t grow up in the high school musical era like damn you really missed out


For Halloween this year target wants to give people heart attacks.

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But has no one noticed that when stefan offered Elena to compel her to forget him in like season 1/2 she said no because she wouldn’t wanna lose their love.

Yet she was ready to forget Damon with a little help of compulsion. That must be true love DErs, you’re right.


Daniel Sharman as Kol Mikaelson/Kaleb (2/?)

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Put 5 characters in my ask and I’ll put them in my preference order

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I'll start fresh, be someone new
It’s the only way I’ll make it through

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Elena is all like


While simultaneously forgetting that she moved on from the supposed “love of her life” to his brother’s dick in a matter of 24 hours and now calls him the “love of her life” 


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